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The Key Fob And Remote Shop is an automotive locksmith shop in Honolulu, Hawaii that specializes in car keys, fobs, and remotes. We can also provide services like cutting and programming a car key to your vehicle (depending on the year, make, and model). If you are located in Oahu and need car key or fob for a Buick, give The Key Fob And Remote Shop a call at 808-435-5804 to see if we can work with your vehicle.

Buick car keys and fobs encompass a range of keyless entry and ignition systems designed to provide convenience and security for Buick vehicle owners. These keys and fobs come equipped with advanced features tailored to modern automotive needs. Here's a closer look at Buick car keys and fobs:

Traditional Keys:

  • Older Buick models may use traditional metal keys for manual entry and ignition. These keys are inserted into the vehicle's door locks and ignition cylinder to operate the vehicle.

Transponder Keys:

  • Many Buick vehicles utilize transponder keys, which feature an embedded electronic chip programmed to communicate with the vehicle's immobilizer system. This added security feature helps prevent unauthorized starting of the vehicle.

Key Fobs:

  • Buick key fobs are wireless devices that offer keyless entry, remote start, and other functions. Depending on the model and trim level, Buick key fobs may include features such as:
    • Lock and unlock buttons for doors and trunk.
    • Remote start capability.
    • Panic button.
    • Keyless ignition (push-button start).
    • Proximity sensors for hands-free entry and ignition.

Flip Keys:

  • Flip keys feature a key blade that can be folded or flipped into the key fob housing when not in use. These keys offer a compact and convenient design, combining the functionality of traditional keys and key fobs into a single device.

Smart Keys:

  • Some newer Buick models may come equipped with smart keys featuring advanced proximity sensors. These keys allow for keyless entry and push-button start, detecting when the key is near the vehicle to enable hands-free operation.

Programming and Replacement:

  • When obtaining replacement Buick keys or fobs, it's essential to ensure they are programmed correctly to the vehicle's electronic system. Dealerships and certified locksmiths can provide key programming services to synchronize the new keys or fobs with the vehicle's immobilizer system and other electronic components.

Aftermarket Options:

  • In addition to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) keys and fobs from Buick dealerships, there are aftermarket options available for Buick key fobs. These aftermarket products may offer similar features and functionality at a potentially lower cost.

Maintenance and Care:

  • Proper maintenance and care of Buick keys and fobs can help prolong their lifespan and ensure reliable performance. Avoid exposing them to extreme temperatures or moisture, and consider using protective cases to prevent damage.

Buick car keys and fobs offer a blend of convenience and security features tailored to the needs of modern drivers.

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