My Key Fob Stopped Working. What Can I Do?

You might run into an issue where the buttons on your key fob stop working. There are a few things you can do to try to fix your key fob before purchasing a new one. 

Replace The Fob Battery

The most common solution to a non-working key fob is to replace the battery. Make sure that you purchase the correct size for your fob. You can find out the battery that you need by opening your fob. The battery will have the size stamped on the front. The most common battery sizes are CR1616, CR2025, and CR2032. You can usually purchase these batteries from your local convenience or grocery store. You should make sure that you are placing the battery in the fob correctly; The direction (up or down) matters. If replacing the battery does not work, this means that your electronics are going bad. You will need to purchase a new key fob. You can purchase key fobs on our site here

Check For A Signal

Auto parts stores normally have frequency testers. You will need to see if your key fob is still transmitting a signal. If you are able to get a signal, then the fob could have been disconnected from your vehicle. You will need to get the fob reprogrammed to the vehicle. 

Check Your Vehicle Battery

If your fob stops working, it could also mean that your vehicle battery is low or dead. Test your vehicle's battery to make sure it is in working condition. 

If none of these potential solutions work for you, it might be time for a new fob! If you are located in Oahu, Hawaii and are in need of a new key fob, call The Key Fob And Remote Shop at 808-435-5804 to see if we can work with your vehicle!

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