For Jeep Commander Grand Cherokee Glass Hatch Remote Start 5B Fobik IYZ-C01C

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Brand new non-prox aftermarket key with fully assembled electronics, battery, and uncut emergency key. This key will not have a logo. This key will not replace proximity keys, smart keys, or keys for vehicles with push button start. This key is for twist turn ignitions only. 

**Make sure that you are purchasing the correct part number and FCC. All sales are final. This remote will need to be cut and programmed by a locksmith. We can send out a locksmith for an additional fee. If you would like for us to send a locksmith, please give us a call before delivery or pickup for pricing.**


2008-2012 Grand Cherokee
2008-2010 Commander

Part Numbers
56046708AG / 56046708AA /  68043593AA / 56046708AB / 68043593AB / 05026197AF / 56046708AC /  68043593AC / 05026197AD / 05026197AB / 56046708AD / 05026197AC /  56046708AE / 56046708AF / 68043593AA / 68066873AA / 68079545AA 

IYZ-C01C / M3N5WY783X




46 Locked


Brand New Aftermarket


433 Mhz

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